Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Concert Tickets Via SMS

This is an example of a physical world item being replaced and accessed digitally.

From This Is London Cncrt tkts by txt msg planned

Mobile phone tickets are to be used for the first time at a major music festival, O2 said today.

The electronic barcodes will be sent to ticket buyers as text messages. At the O2 Wireless Festival in Hyde Park in June, customers will simply hold their phone to a scanner to enter.
Customers who lose their ticket will also be able to request a duplicate barcode to be sent to their phone


bigBADbobby said...

We recently ran a focus group at 4INFO and asked them what they would be comfortable purchasing from their phone. Small ticket items, such as movie tickets, were highly likely. But, any higher priced or seat-specific events, like sports or concerts, were not potential candidates for purchase. I suspect, however, that an event that is not seat-specific would have more uptake from mobile users. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Vibes Media, based in Chicago, IL, has already used its barcode technology to admit fans into a Verizon Wireless-sponsored Fugees reunion concert at Hollywood and Vine (about 3 weeks ago).

Scott Shaffer said...

Thanks for the alert.


I have to look into these guys.

Anonymous said...

:) he who shall remain nameless until next Wednesday would like to say we have been offering this service in Australia for some time, there are issues with some handsets (manual data entry for phones that dont display properly is always required as a backup)

the main issue is that you need to have specific readers tied to the backend platform....often we 'leased' the readers for the night of the event.

Great utlisation of mobile billing though.

Having said that until US carriers get more realistic about their 'cut' for providing the service this will be under utilized.