Monday, February 13, 2006

Microsoft Buys Mobile Search Company MotionBridge

Mobile search space heating up.

Microsoft buys MotionBridge, which provides search services for mobile phones

MotionBridge is the only search engine truly designed for mobile Internet and mobile carrier's needs

MotionBridge CLASSIC offers only one, unified input zone, allowing to type a brand name, a common noun, a URL, to go inside or outside the portal.

MotionBridge's keywords are fast and easy to enter. Optional "numeric input" mode allows to type only once on each key, and is available for Western and Asian languages.

MotionBridge's Sponsored Links (also known as paid listing) program enables content providers to easily bid for keywords, define advertisement details and target specific mobile devices in order to increase exposure and consumption of their content.

MotionBridge is the most popular mobile search engine in Europe, handling several million queries per month and powering the portals of clients such as O2, T-Mobile and Orange.

MotionBridge has been adopted by major portals totalling more than 90 millions subscribers.

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