Friday, February 10, 2006

ABC's Should Include D2C

ClickZ has a nice summary of what mobile marketing allows called the ABC's of mobile marketing. They failed to include the most powerful term in my opinion.

Mobile allows brands to track campaign success, so-called brand interactivity. By including a mobile call to action in a given campaign (broadcast, print, outdoor, etc.), marketers can more accurately track response rates for specific campaigns or channels.

Mobile allows a brand or content provider to target subscribers with anytime, anywhere marketing. Brands can now access consumers when they're at home, at work, in the car, traveling, and so on.

The key terms:

SMS (short message service): This is often referred to as "text" or "text messaging
PSMS (premium SMS): Premium means the service user will be charged an incremental fee instead of the basic text charge
WAP (wireless application protocol): WAP is simply the wireless Web
MMS (multimedia messaging service): Ever taken pictures with your phone and sent them to friends

You've heard of B2B (business to business) and P2P (peer to peer).

What is the one they missed? (that's OK, it's not available to the masses, yet)

D2C (direct to content): This is ability to connect directly with a brand or their content thru a one-click application. This isn't sending a text and waiting for response. This isn't going to a company's mobile website.

This requires a PWH (physical world hyperlink). Think this will get recognized as a term? Or PWC (physical world connection)?

This is clicking on a barcode, or 2d code and getting a coupon, information, tech support, video etc. When that is introduced, then brands will not only be able to target subscribers, they will form a close relationship with them as well.

They won't need to buy keywords from a search engine, or put lengthy website names in advertisments. They won't have to worry about click fraud. ALL of the key data (your location, type of phone, age, time of day,billing), will be delivered with one click.They will just say "from more information, click on our barcode".

That IS the holy grail for mobile marketing.

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Anonymous said...


When the PWC tsumai hits and mobile marketing finally embrasses their "Holy Grail," every person and every thing will be plugged in. Instead of looking at the Internet from the outside, we will open the door, walk in, and become part of the experience. It will become as easy to interact with machines and objects as it is with people.

You already know this. But when you finally start to feel all the possibilities, it becomes truely amazing.