Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tribune Invests In Boodle

I have been watching Boodle for a while, waiting for someone to scoop these guys up. Frankly I thought it would be a major portal, but this is a very smart move for Tribune. Another print organization making the digital transition.

I see a big opportunity for Boodle and their platform in mobile marketing

From Marketing Vox Tribune sites to offer Boodle online coupons

Boodle provides online printable coupons to newspaper publishers. Tribune owns L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune and Newsday. They already have distribution deals with Gannett, Knight Ridder, Midlands Newspapers and The Copley Press.

Boodle distributes Grocery Coupons through a prestigious network of Newspapers. Grocery coupons are based on where you live, not the paper's location.

See the mobile marketing implications here?

What could Google do with this? Create a special category called "Coupons".

Remember coupons are recurring content with a machine readable identifier.

Do a Google for Nike Air Jordan and see if there are any stores with a coupon for this. Print the coupon or have a link, or the barcode sent to your mobile phone. Google generates another division (another revenue stream) called Pay-Per-Coupon.

See how the barcode is gaining value in the digital world?

I have lots of mobile marketing ideas for this.


Jeff Beliveau said...

Hello form boodle and thank you for the nice comments.

We've keenly interested in wireless when it comes to grocery coupons but it is far more complicated than "get a free dessert at Ed's Deli".

The grocers get reimbursed by the brands for handling the coupons. It's a multi-billion dollar business and with that much money changing hands right now no one trusts purely electronic transactions. But some day...

Again thanks!

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