Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Interactive Advertising Using A Barcode

From Adotas The Emerging Landscape of Barcode Branding

Soon the technology of the barcode will break free of its mundane role in the grocery store to become the next powerful tool in interactive advertising.

Colorzip , a company based in Japan, is in the final stages of developing its Colorcodes, which are colorful barcodes placed on posters, television screens, and even t-shirts that deliver songs, videos, or website links instantly through the snap of your cell phone camera.

The widely differing patterns and colors are contained in boxes that can be as small as traditional UPC barcodes, and work in much the same way.

As soon as you take a picture of a Colorcode, the image is sent to a server and uniquely identified within a master index. The server then sends content back to your phone for you to enjoy.

The implications for such a technology are endless, and it won’t be long before advertisers begin to seek the full potential of barcode branding.

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