Monday, February 06, 2006

Action Engine And Motricity Team Up For Mobile App

In my opinion, Action Engine and their browserless mobile application platform, will turn heads at 3GSM Conference. After looking at what it does, and their content deal with powerhouse Motricity, this should create quite a buzz at the show. Action Engine is making it easy to retrieve info from the mobile web by putting icons/categories on your mobile screen giving you a "browserless portal"

The Action Engine Mobile Application Platform™ introduces a browserless, client/server approach to accessing transaction-oriented online services that takes 80% fewer keystrokes and drives 20x faster response times than browser-based alternatives.

The turnkey Brand-n-Go™ applications pack enables wireless operators to go to market in unprecedented timeframes with intuitive, responsive, and personalized applications that create an addictive user experience.

The company's software has been deployed by a robust list of global wireless operators that include SingTel, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, Optus, Orange SA, O2, and SMART Communications, Inc.

Don't take my word for how good this is, try the demo

Take a spin on their BrandnGo application that includes providers like:eBay,, Microsoft MapPoint,, Zap2it, Associated Press News, Associated Press Stocks, and
Try it out free for 90 days, click here

You can also try their PC application too.

In last month's "Best Software" for Mobility aware release

Action Engine: Provides a new way for users to access information on cell phones rather than using the limited WAP menu tree. Allows users to define what’s at each level on the icon display. Provides access to a number of content portals such as news, weather, sports and financial.

Sprint users can get a 30 day free trial

Tell me what you think.

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ss9173 said...

Action Engine has done an excellent job teaming up with Microsoft, Intel, Ebay, Amazon, Sprint, Verizon Wireless and others in developing a relatively user-friendly mobile application platform for accessing transaction-oriented online services.

The attached link provides a detailed review (actually a user guide) of the Action Engine platform:

Action Engine's software even links upc codes but you have to manually enter them. (See pages 32 - 35 of the userguide). Now imagine if they licensed Neomedia's Paperclick software - they could access those upc codes with one click - taking Action Engine to the next level in terms of being consumer user friendly.