Wednesday, February 08, 2006

UpSNAP For Cash?

This reminds me of IWon and how they tried to get users to use their portal/search engine. If your service is good, people will find it and they will tell their friends.

From PR Newswire UpSNAP offers $10,000 sweepstakes

People can enter to win the grand prize drawing once per day by signing up
for free online at Sweepstakes entry.

Sweepstakes entrants can also receive a free horoscope sent to their mobile phone and explore all of UpSNAP's free and premium SMS services. When participants sign up with UpSNAP, each day they use UpSNAP's services they automatically get an additional entry submitted.

Do this, go the sweepstakes page.

There are 2 things I see that make me question who does their marketing..

1. What is the short code for their service? They don't even put it on the page. Look at 4INFO, Qtags you will see their code on ALL of their publications. I have said a number of times that it will come down to ease of use for a SMS info application to gain traction. Ease of use involves remebering the short code.

2. "Come back and register everyday to increase your chances of winning!" Huh? This is a mobile application and I need to reregister each day on my PC? Where do you want me to use this service, on my mobile or my PC. If you saved the first text message UpSNAP sent you, just have the user send a certain keyword to register again.

1 comment: said...

Very strange indeed. On the FAQ it says "What is the UpSNAP text number?
UpSNAP ensures your privacy by using multiple numbers, which are sent to your phone. Just hit reply to send a message back to the UpSNAP service"

Of course, you can see that their number is 27627 if you go to, but it's a mystery why they don't advertise that anymore. They used to state it quite clearly.