Monday, February 13, 2006

House4Cell Offers Click-To-Call For Realtors

Cellit, LLC, the premier provider of self-service mobile marketing solutions, announced today the release of several new features for its real estate text messaging service, House4Cell.

House4Cell can now deliver photos to the phones of inquiring home buyers, along with additional information via email or FAX. Buyers can even click a button to directly connect to the listing agent via its "click-to-call" functionality

Real estate agents hang House4Cell riders from the signs of their listings, informing homebuyers of the availability of instant information. Prospective home buyers see these signs and simply text message a short, custom code to a special House4Cell phone number.

Within seconds, all of the essential property information -- including price, square footage and amenities -- are immediately sent back to the buyer's phone, along with photos.

What would be nice is the ability to click on a For Sale sign and get an interior video of the home too. Soon.


Anonymous said...

This is the head developer of the system... yeah, as soon as videos can be pushed down, we will do it. We're hoping that Mobile Flash will hit the states and we'll be able to that, to create a fully immersive, interactive experience.
Our main concern right now is compatibility. Our "WAP PUSH" technology automatically detects compatibility (using a proprietary method we developed) with phones and pushes content in the richest way possible for that phone. We're pretty excited about it as it allows to to provide the best experience to each and every user.

Anonymous said...

but our realtors using this. I see articles repeating press releases. but no mention of actual agents actually using it.

Anonymous said...

To head developer: You have an response to the last anonymous, i.e. me?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Of course we do.. We have customers in 19 states. Business has been growing rapidly...otherwise, i'd be out of a job! said...

You could have a webpage address in the forsale sign which leads to fotos movies of interior.

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