Thursday, February 09, 2006

NeoMedia Merges With Visual Search Pioneer Mobot

From Business Wire NeoMedia signs merger agreement with Mobot

NeoMedia Technologies, Inc., an innovator in wireless services and patented technologies that provide automatic links to Mobile Internet-based information, announced today that it has signed a merger agreement with Mobot®, Inc., of Lexington, Mass., a pioneer in mobile visual recognition technology.

NeoMedia expects the transaction to close this month

Mobot's visual search technology connects mobile consumers with international brands, including L'Oreal®, Samsung® and Saturn®, major media companies, including ELLEgirl®, VIBE® and JANE® magazines and leading music labels, including WEA (Warner Music Group's U.S. sales and retail marketing company).

Mobot campaigns require no changes to existing visual media and work seamlessly with all wireless carriers.

Mobot's best-in-class solution requires no download and supports all camera phones in the market, using picture messaging on the handsets to connect with Mobot's visual recognition platform and deliver back SMS, MMS and WAP push interactivity.

Future comments forthcoming.


Larry said...

I am really excited about this news
I am anxious to hear your next comments regarding this. Dont keep us holding on to long OK

Anonymous said...

Great article Van - sounds like a real powerhouse forming. The combined patented technologies of the two companies appear formidable.

Anonymous said...

I find it laborious to take a picture and type in a pics address. What's the point? Why not just have a keyword call to action?

Anonymous said...

"laborious" to snap a pic?
Don't see that; it's just a matter of giving the brands and consumers options, so they can choose how they want to connect the physical world to the internet.. For example,
one person may prefer to enter a keyword (say for ex. Nike), another may prefer to snap a pic of an image (say for ex. the Nike logo)

Both can take you to the same place with ease.

Anonymous said...

P.S. To "laborious"
Rereading your comment;
you do NOT have to type in the pics address - by snapping the pic, you are taken automatically taken to the address you want.
Very easy.

Bill said...

"you do NOT have to type in the pics address "

Gotcha. That's much better!

mobile mistress said...

The letter of intent was announced back in August. I wonder what took so long for them to make it official.