Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Text Message Song Requests On Radio

I remember as a kid I would always get a busy signal when dialing a radio station, you can now text in your song requests, for a fee. With ipods and satellite radio coming on strong, will this save the dying radio industry?

From Chron.com Enpocket allows listeners to text in song requests

Enpocket today announced that Orlando listeners of WXXL can now text their song requests with their mobile phones using its technology to power interactive mobile programs.

New features include a Song Request program, where listeners use SMS text messaging to purchase three song requests for 99 cents.

Listeners also receive an SMS notification 15 minutes before each song reminding them to tune in to hear their request.

What WXXL should do is use the short code for this service as a "info engine" and have advertisers buy keywords. So when an ad comes on the radio, have users send text for more info using that keyword. I would be wiling to bet the revenues generated are MUCH greater and advertisers would love this.


Anonymous said...

Why should I have to pay for this? If they will dedicate the song to someone, then ok.

Scott Shaffer said...

That's a good value-add idea.

Who listens to the radio anymore?

The radio station should use this text idea for more than song requests.

Anonymous said...

Wake up This is NOT a new idea.

PacRim / SE Asia / Europe have been doing this for close to half a decade!!

Err... Who listens to radio?
How many folks watch TV while driving?

Anonymous said...

And by the way...

YES.. this is used for WAYYY more than song requests.

Contests/Consumer Response you name it...