Monday, February 13, 2006

LocaModa Powers "The Web Outside"

"The Web Outside". That description might make it easier for people to understand what this technology will enable.

LocaModa(tm), Inc., a technology company powering "The Web Outside", was chosen as a "Disruptor" for its location-based interactive marketing and social networking platforms that were announced at the Demo 06 conference.

LocaModa CEO Stephen Randal (former EVP and founder of Symbian) refers to this paradigm shift as "The Web Outside", I refer to it as the Physical World Connection. I say whatever gets the technology adopted.

StreetSurfer, LocaModa's location-based interactive marketing platform revolutionizes the way brands and consumers interact by turning any mobile phone into a remote control for out-of-home digital signage.

As an example:

StreetSurfer enables consumers to use a standard mobile phone like a remote control to browse internet-connected TV screens in real estate brokerage front windows. Consumers can interact directly with real estate listings and brokers can provide a 24/7 dynamically responsive service to attract potential customers.

See the demo

Their Wiffiti (Wireless+Graffiti) is the first application that has been purpose built for StreetMessenger and allows users to send text messages from their mobile phones to large flat TV displays in locations where people socialize such as cafes, bars and clubs and on the web.

Wiffiti is currently being offered Massachusetts and Arizona, with sites in LA and Chicago soon. screen shot

I envision a mobile marketing campaign for teens that uses this platform. Imagine a screen in Times Square that offered this? This offers lots of creative possibilities.

LocaModa's technology works with any phone, any network, and does not require any downloadable software

These services bridge networks to allow consumers to access and manipulate information displays from the convenience of their mobile phones. These services will have interesting implications and drive innovative applications for closed-loop brand marketing."

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