Friday, February 10, 2006

FOX's Reality Offers Mobile Service

My cable provider doesn't offer the FOX Reality channel (I wish they did). Until IPTV (Internet protocol TV) is available, could this be a way to subscribe to a specific TV channel without having to wait for your cable company to include it?

With Sprint Power Vision I can subscribe to FOX NEWS and get a streaming feed of the channel on my cell phone. I know there are still cities that don't carry this channel.

So here's what I wonder. Can a TV channel introduce a mobile service that allows a feed into your cell phone. You could either watch the channel on your phone or transmit to your TV. Is this doable?

From itvt NewsBlog FOX Reality taps 2waytraffic for mobile service

The $4.99-per-month service, which will launch this spring, and which Fox Reality will promote on the air, will allow customers of all the US's major wireless carriers to access daily recaps of their favorite shows on the channel, participate in sweepstakes, and even receive casting call information so that they themselves can appear in future reality TV programs.

2waytraffic will provide all the service's wireless applications and backend service, and has also co-produced the commercial creative that Fox Reality will use to promote it.

To subscribe to the service, viewers will simply have to text "REALITY" to the premium number, 76666, and the service's monthly charge will then appear on their mobile bill

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