Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Point And Search Cell Phone

I am noticing more of these physical world connection stories being told as applications in use, rather than just concepts. It is coming.

From Information Week 'Point and Search' technology for cell phones hits Japan

Users can point their cell phones at 700,000 buildings, retailers, restaurants, banks, and historical sites throughout Japan to retrieve information. (that's a great idea, but I think being able to interact with products will be even bigger)

GeoVector Corp . said Monday that it has teamed up with Japan's Mapion to offer Mapion's cell phone searching technology for mobile phones in Japan.

Mapion was the original developer of Yahoo maps .

"Soon, users will point their mobile phones at restaurants to get reviews, point at billboards to shop at the advertiser's website, point at a movie poster to buy tickets, or play a game by pointing at their friends," said GeoVector president John Ellenby, in a statement.

From GeoVector's website:

"The human instinct to point is strong and GeoVector patented search
technologies and methods let you click on the real world, giving applications
and information services a natural interface even more powerful than voice"

See a demo

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