Tuesday, February 07, 2006

First Clickable Mobile Ad

Great idea from Third Screen Media.

First there was click to call on a mobile site or SMS, now there's click to call for a mobile ad. Are you getting permission because the WAP site is doing the advertising? If so, this is a little push to get some pull.

From IMediaConnection First clickable mobile ad launches

The Weather Channel Interactive (TWCI) has announced that its mobile group will be launching its first “clickable” mobile ad campaign, for ArubaTourism.

The ads, developed by Atlanta-based Fitzgerald+CO, will appear on The Weather Channel Mobile internet pages and will feature a banner-style ad that when clicked redirects users to an interactive information page. From the information page of the ad, users can click an 800 number, which will then initiate a call to the Aruba Tourism information center.

The ad leverages new technology developed by Third Screen Media and its MADX Publisher solution.

Their new platform, designed to streamline ad management and delivery on mobile networks, has been selected by publishers such as The WeatherChannel, USA Today and MSN to manage advertising inventory in their mobile content. (there's USA today again)


Anonymous said...

Interactive banners have been around for years. So has the click-to-call functionality. go2 delivered 50million clickable ads last year.

Scott Shaffer said...

Mobile clickable ads?

Anonymous said...

yes! 50 million clickable banner mobile ads.