Monday, February 27, 2006

ScanBuy Introduces ScanZoom Platform For Physical World Connection

ScanBuy is doing a terrific job of educating the masses through the media on what the physical world connection will soon offer.

From Channel 7 News in Boston ScanBuy Offers ScanZoom for Mobile phones

Are you a bargain hunter? Well a new technology may be perfect for you. The best part, you may already be holding it in the palm of your hands. 7's Frances Rivera explains....

2 for $10 Save 500 dollars! Shopping for savings can be exhausting, but bargain hunting may be getting a little easier - - thanks to your cell phone

Olivier Attia -
"it's a whole new way of using your phone"

This regular looking camera phone is loaded up with software called scan zoom. It turns your phone into a personal shopping assistant

Heres how it works - - just point your camera phone at any bar code and scan zoom delivers product information, reviews and the lowest prices right to your phones screen

Want to be a beta tester for ScanBuy? SCANBUY®'s Optical Intelligence™ is a full software solution turning camera phone into personal barcode scanners.

ScanLife is ScanBuy's content delivery platform. Get your own eZcode today and see what the physical world connection is all about.

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