Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Activate Physical World With Hidden Hyperlinks

This is a must read for 2 reasons.

Mobile Insider has a great story called Activating the physical world that summarizes the CBS Marketwatch story about using a camera phone as a scanner.

But that's not the "ah ha" point.

Steve Smith has a great quote "the promise of activating the physical world, of letting content pour out of encounters with products and promotions, is just too great even for the mobile carriers to ignore. At some point, they will have to start making this idea work for everyone". Agreed.

What is ironic about this Mobile Insider story is the advertising on it. There's an ad from Yahoo! and their "Life Engine" in the top right hand corner. Wave your mouse over the objects in the ad and see what happens. (hope you see the same thing I see)


This is great Internet advertising. What it does is show how objects of YOUR interest can be hyperlnked without intrusion. Hidden hyperlinks. I like it.

Imagine doing this with your cell phone in the physical world now. Waving your cell phone over an item to retrieve more information, or to interact.

That's the physical world connection.

Hey Yahoo! I would love to get a copy of this advertisement and give it some legs.

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