Friday, February 24, 2006

Sprint Sees Many Applications With A Camera Phone

I can remember talking to the business development people at Sprint a couple years ago about the many uses the camera would have on a mobile phone. At the time it seemed so foreign and impractical to them.

From BusinessWire Sprint maintains lead as camera phone innovator

Sprint PCS Picture Mail groups, launching in the spring, will be the first picture groups service designed with the mobile phone user in mind, making the sharing of pictures and video clips from a mobile phone to an online community a smooth, hassle-free process.

"As camera phones have become mainstream, wireless phone users are looking for new, creative ways to communicate with pictures," said Pierre Barbeau, general manager of visual communications for Sprint.

"At first, camera phones were primarily looked at as a fun way to instantly send spontaneous pictures. While camera phones are still widely used this way, people are also using them when they plan to take pictures to stay connected with friends and family and for practical applications such as to comparison shop, for scrap booking, to keep a picture diary and to improve business productivity"

Sprint might just see the value a camera has a mobile marketing tool.

Sprint is a data services company in the content and media distribution business committed to delivering a seamless experience that gives customers the power to connect, share and access information instantly on a mobile phone.

Sprint customers can realize the power of the "third screen".

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