Friday, February 03, 2006

Sprint Ambassador Program

Recently I was asked to participate in Sprint's Ambassador program. They provide me with a Samsung A920 phone and all of their services free of charge for 6 mos. In return I provide feedback in their forum (not necessarily on my blog).

I am discovering a couple things about applications, and their value, by using their Power Vision service.

Initially I thought mobile TV was a bad idea. Boy was I wrong. I find myself using this feature the most. Juliet Huddy looks pretty good on my little screen. Will mobile TV replace the demand for satellite radio feeds? I can get full video with my phone, will this impact the consumers that subscribe to satellite radio?

Surfing is pretty quick. The only problem is the phone, it has a number pad for a keyboard. Very frustrating when you're used to a QWERTY board (my Treo). I equate this to going on the Autobahn with a Hyundai. Typing in any lengthy website domain is frustrating.

Maybe when Sprint needs beta testers for their Treo 700, they will look up the primate.

There are a number of great applications Sprint provides with Power Vision. The maps section is terrific. It includes a GPS function, driving instructions and uses the GPS function for local search.

The audio on ALL applications is very good, with or without headphones.

The speed is probably the best "feature" I have uncovered. I love it and can't wait for Sprint to add the new Treo 700.

The things I would change:

--Make one click acces to specific functions. I hate having to go thru the menu every time I want to use an app

--When I am in middle of a text, and I receive one, the text I was writing, disappears.

--Startup menu (front screen) is too hard to navigate. Eliminate the pictures and put a text menu (1. Web 2. Camera etc)

--Add more "bookmarks" for the Web service. Typing in a URL is hard enough with a small keyboard once, you shouldnt have to do it every time you want to go to that site. I have more than 10-12 sites I surf regularly with my mobile.

I am still playing with this and seeing what it can do. If you have a mobile application that you would like me to try out, just email and I will be happy to do so.

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