Friday, February 24, 2006

M-Qube Powers GQ Mobile

From Business Week GQ Magazine sends a text message

GQ is about to push its men's magazine franchise into the quickly growing world of wireless media. On Feb. 27, the Condé Nast title will announce the launch of a new service called GQ Mobile, providing text messages to readers via their cell phones.

The service, BusinessWeek Online has learned, will be operated in conjunction with m-Qube , a Watertown (Mass.)-based company that has created an infrastructure for distributing music and other media to cell phones.

Starting in the March issue, GQ readers will be invited to sign up by using their cell phones to send a text message with "GQ" to GQMAG (or 47624).

That number is the "short code" administered for GQ by m-Qube. A short code is like a Web address for cell phones. It's able to receive messages, even though it's shorter than a regular 10-digit phone number.

Once enrolled, GQ Mobile users will start to receive original content developed for the digital mobile service. It may include information about events, private sales, shopping nights, and giveaways.

Revenue from mobile content generated nearly $17 billion last year, and the market is expected to reach $78 billion by 2007, according to researcher Ovum.


big picture said...

and in the UK GQ will shortly launch a mobizine through Refresh mobile ( Conde Nast also plan to launch a Glamour mobizine.
You can try the service - text mobi timeout to 44 7624 806310

Anonymous said...

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