Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Personalized SMS Services

Here are some creative features that can be added to a text-messaging SMS service.

From Business Wire Comverse introduces Personalized SMS Services

Comverse , a unit of Comverse Technology, Inc., today announced the availability of SMS Personal, a package of services that increases personalization of SMS text messaging, maintains high user interest and is designed to boost usage.

These are some features that can be added to an SMS platform.

SMS Sponsored:(my favorite) Reduces the cost of SMS for users who elect to allow unused space at the end of their SMS messages to bear sponsored messages. See the mobile marketing opportunity here? A cheaper text charge gives you permission. There's a lot of space in a text message box that could be utilized with some creativity.

SMS Auto-Reply: Automatic SMS reply is sent to senders of SMS messages. Brings email "out-of-office" automatic response functionality to SMS. Remember how good this was when AOL and others offered "away messages"?

SMS Duplicate: Sends duplicates of incoming SMS messages to an alternate destination. Useful for business users who want messages delivered to multiple devices

SMS to Email: Sends copies of SMS messages to an email account.

SMS Forward: Allows users to automatically forward SMS messages to another device or email account

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