Monday, February 06, 2006

Search Agency Goes Mobile

Expect to see a lot more of this. Search agencies, and then advertising agencies, will be entering into the mobile advertising and mobile marketing space. Finding people that understand mobile technology (and all of the available applications) and have creativity for advertising campaigns is proving the biggest obstacle.

From DM News Search firm debuts mobile unit

Though advertising on mobile devices is not new, search marketing firm iCrossing , New York, says it is the first search agency to devote a separate business unit to mobile advertising and search.

"We see every day more content migrating to mobile phones. Wherever content goes, search is right behind it," said Noah Elkin, director of industry relations at iCrossing.

MCrossing will provide location-aware services, letting ads target customers looking for a particular type of store or service. It also can set up e-commerce and billing capabilities so users can browse catalogs, redeem gift certificates and track orders from their cell phones.

I keep thinking about that quote from JumpTap, "More sophisticated mobile devices and increased use will push mobile search revenues over those of Internet search".

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