Thursday, February 02, 2006

2006 The Year For ZigBee

This may seem a little off topic for most PP readers, but I said in '06 I would start to cover more emerging technologies that I think are disruptive and can lead to exciting applications.

There are many aspects to the physical world connection. ZigBee involves wireless sensor networks.

From Art George, a VP at Texas Instruments said "The low power wireless sensor networking market based primarily on industry-standard IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee is set to take off and will show significant growth in the coming years,"

TI just recently acquired Chipcon which got lots of attention in this space.

Over the past year, in excess of 2 million ZigBee radio chips were sold -- more than any other radio technology in this space. These chips were delivered to consumer product and other device manufacturing companies that are designing the next-generation end-user products that will be certified to work together seamlessly.

ZigBee is the only standards-based technology designed to address the unique needs of low-cost, low-power, wireless sensor networks for remote monitoring, home control and building automation network applications in the industrial and consumer markets.

The complete forecast

Some FAQs about ZigBee
Note the comparisons to Bluetooth.

Tell me what you think. "Hey Scott, this is too foreign to me, go back to the mobile". Or would you like to see what other disruptive techologies and killer apps I look for?


Anonymous said...


Keep the disruption coming.
I will digest what I can and learn from the rest.

Stanislaw Lec said,"even his ignorance is encyclopedic".

Thanks and keep filling my "Book of Knowledge". (encyclopedia)

Larry said...

I agree with anonymous. I may not fully understand what you say but I do enjoy your insight. Keep it up

Scott Shaffer said...

There are few topics and technologies that I will discuss going forward.

I look for technologies that are disruptive, or will be capable of disruption. That means it has the ability to alter the current method or create a new one.

Sometimes this is how you find the next "killer app".

Anonymous said...

I dabbled in Airbee Wireless - ABEW.PK
which deals in this area - does look promising. I believe they came up with the first wireless thermostat (speaking from memory). Stock has been volatile.

Scott Shaffer said...

There are a few players in this space.
I think it makes sense to look at the ones that have aligned themselves with the big players.

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