Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Will Satellite Radio Offer Advertising Utopia?

What a great idea, although the commercial free music was part of it's initial sales pitch though.

This eliminates the search process altogether with a simple "buy button". You won't need to remember a shortcode or a website, simply push a button.

Satellite radio will soon offer the ability to interact directly with an advertiser by a push of a button.

From AdAge Buy it from radio ads at the push of a button

Push the button, buy the product direct from the ad. That’s always been the holy grail for TV advertising and now it’s coming -- to radio.

It’s not a stretch to see the same push-and-purchase function made available for advertisers. While neither XM nor Sirius are anxious to disclose their plans for forthcoming hardware and technology, there are hints that interactivity will be a major component -- and one that benefits both consumers and advertisers.

“Our next generation of products coming out in the next two weeks will be an XM-enabled MP3 player with, in the simplest terms, that ‘buy’ button,” D. Scott Karnedy, senior VP-ad sales for XM Satellite Radio, said at a radio panel last week.

“The next generation [after that] will be that if you want to hit that button for more information about that product you just heard described.”

I will be curious to see what the revenue models are for the sat radio guys when this gets implemented.

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db said...

They'll need all that ad rev with the millions they paid out to Oprah, Howard.... and then MAYBE they'll return a profit...IN THE YEAR 2979.