Monday, February 06, 2006

Refresh Mobile Offers Mobizines

Will this be a better way to deliver content than a WAP site?

From NetImperative Mobile users get mini magazines
Mobile technology firm Refresh Mobile has launched a new service, called Mobizines , that lets magazine publishers distribute their content to mobile users. This will allow consumers access mini versions of their content.

To download Mobizines to the handset, the consumer texts 'Mobi' followed by the name of the Mobizine (e.g. TimeOut) to 63333 and follows the instructions to download.

Content partners that feature in the current portfolio of Mobizines are Condé Nast (GQ and Glamour), OK!, TimeOut, ITV, Daily Snack, TV Genius and sports news from TeamTalk.

The cost per edition varies by network but on average costs between 3 and 10p.
Does this represent good value? Would you pay for it?

Refresh Mobile CEO Scott Beaumont, said: “Until now, neither brands nor advertisers have been able to take advantage of the intimate relationship that consumers have with their mobile.

“At the same time, advertisers can begin to target their customers directly and build a relationship through contextual adverts which are meaningful to the reader,” Beaumont added.


Anonymous said...

Only works in UK. I am in US.

Big Picture said...

You can get the service anywhere by using this number;
text mobi timeout to 44 7624 806310
We're advising Refresh on mobile advertising models, and we're convinced this will be a major step forward for mobile marketing

Mobi-Awards said...

And last week Mobizines launched Pocket-Lint Magazine - excellent magazine with Technology News and Gadgets Reviews and Internet web-site information. They now have a choice of 18 UK magazines.