Monday, February 06, 2006

Short Codes Grow To 6 Digits

This is great news for mobile marketing companies. This will offer many easy-to remember short codes. If I'm Google I make a call and reserve 466453 (GOOGLE).

Start thinking of clever words, phrases and numbers that will be easy to remember for your mobile marketing/mobile search applications.

In my opinion, short codes will be the initial hot "keywords" for mobile. Any phone can use them and they will be a lot easier to use and remember than WAP sites.

I explained how this could create a SMS Land Rush?

From Pr News wire NeuStar expannds Common Short Code (CSC) to 6 digit codes

The Wireless Association(R) and NeuStar, Inc. , a leading provider of essential clearinghouse services to the global communications and Internet industry, today announced the planned expansion of the highly successful Common Short Code (CSC) program.

Today, CSCs are five-digit numbers. Under the terms of the agreement,
CTIA and NeuStar will expand the pool of available CSCs to include six-digit
in the CSC Registry, thus increasing the amount of usable CSCs to nearly
one million. CTIA and NeuStar plan to roll out this capability to potential
subscribers in Spring 2006.

Using CSCs, advertisers and content providers have been able to extend
targeted service offerings directly to the handsets of more than 200 million
mobile subscribers of participating wireless carriers.

To register a short code click here, Europeans click here

To see who owns what short code SMS Search Engine

What short codes would you register? DO you think there will be a rush to register the "good ones"?

1 comment: said...

This is indeed news for brands. The press release touts this as "increasing the amount of usable CSCs to nearly one million," but the lack of available 5 digit numbers in the United States is definitely not the reason for this. It is doubtful that more than 10% of the US five digit codes were in use. (Only 130 have been found and listed on so far) This is not about expanding the number of available CSCs, this is about expanding the number of brands who can get a vanity code required to convert a brand name to a sequence of keypad numbers.

I don't envision a rush to register codes. At $1000 per month for a vanity code, as opposed to $500 per month for a random code, it is not cheap. And this is only part of the cost. An aggregator is required to get access to carriers, increasing monthly and setup costs. This is not like registering and parking a domain for $2.99 and waiting for Google to come along and buy 466453.