Monday, October 03, 2005

ViVOTech Offers Contactless Mobile Payment Solution

ViVOTech offers an additional option for m-commerce.
ViVOtech, the leading supplier of contactless payment solutions, today announced the industry’s first end-to-end Near Field Communication (NFC) payment solution.

The new ViVOnfc solution provides a secure infrastructure that will accelerate the adoption and usage of NFC enabled mobile phones.

With ViVOnfc, users with NFC phones will be able to “carry their credit and debit cards virtually” and make contactless payments at merchant locations.

NFC technology provides short-range wireless connectivity—over a typical distance of just 2-4 inches. Since NFC devices do not operate over a carrier’s radio spectrum, they can be used anywhere


Anonymous said...


Do you know if Vivotech is a
vendor to the Mastercard
"Paypass" NFC application?

Scott Shaffer said...

To Quote ViVOTech's website:

"MasterCard is pleased to partner with the following companies in support of introducing PayPass: Chip Developer/Manufacturers: Infineon/SC2, OTI Inc./Samsung, Philips Semiconductor/Oberthur; Card Manufacturers: Colorado Plastics Inc., Oberthur USA; Card Personalization Bureaux: First Data Corp, MBNA; POS Providers: C-SAM, OTI Inc., Panasonic, Stella, Verifone, ViVOtech, 3 Form Design; Testing & Compliance: Cadimes, Caradas, Consult Hyperion; Merchant Installation: Edgar Dunn, OTI Inc