Wednesday, October 05, 2005

2D Code Stamps

I got a letter the other day with a stamp that had a picture and a 2d code right next to it. I did a double take. must use these 2d codes to verify their printed stamps. This was kind of interesting until I noticed the United States Postage was using a 1"x1" red 2d code for verification too.

Is this new? Fedex, AirBorne, DHL use their own 2d codes to track their packages, but I wonder if the US Postal service is using these for tracking, verification or both.

What's next, an RFID tag in a stamp?

Has anyone else noticed this?


Anonymous said...

Canada Post has been using this form for at least the last year. Government use will only accelerate the adoption in the private sector...

Scott Shaffer said...

Have long have the US Govt been using this?

Have you noticed this?

I agree about private sector adoption.

Could the Semacodesand OP3s sell stamps too?