Friday, October 07, 2005

Top 10 Things Google WON'T Announce Anytime Soon

In my best David Leterman impression.

The top ten things Google WON'T announce anytime soon. (but could)

10. They will replace Brin and Page with Robert Scoble of Microsoft

9. Announce they are taking the company private.

8. Issues first dividend.

7. Says original name of the company was "Doodle"

6. States the "page rank" algorithm was based on the "Hot or Not" site

5.Has no idea how many sites are in their database but picks a really big number every month

4.Admits the search timing click is off by .001 seconds

3.Funds a sweat shop in the Philipines where 7 yr olds get paid to click on sponsored sites.

2.The Dutch auction was used to remind people of the Tulip Bubble

1.Changes motto to "Fooled ya! We are evil"

Have any others?

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