Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sprint Nextel Sues Vonage Over VOIP IP

Sprint tried to reach an agreement w/ Vonage for over a year regarding these patents, so I'm pretty sure Sprint has done their IP homework when it comes to the VOIP space.

From C/Net Sprint Nextel sue Vonage over VOIP patents

Sprint Nextel, the third-largest U.S. wireless company, claimed Vonage and Voiceglo Holdings, a unit of, had infringed seven patents relating to voice over data packet technology developed by Sprint.

Vonage, the largest U.S. independent Internet-based telephone service, passed 1 million subscriptions last month and is reportedly preparing for an initial public offering.

I wonder how this affects the upcoming Vonage IPO?

As IP (intellectual property) becomes a key issue for any emerging technology, I would look at what companies Sprint HAS already signed up with for more clues.

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