Tuesday, October 04, 2005

SMSTV Keywords..Your Thoughts?

Has anyone noticed lately the abundance of pop-ups you're getting on TV shows?

The shows I watch (Survivor, Earl, Apprentice, Office etc) are putting pop-up ads more frequently throughout the show. Maybe I have just become aware of them.

I think advertisers could be more effective with this. When I'm watching a show, I'm not going to go to my computer and type in keyword "survivor" at AOL. Don't you lose viewers if it's effective? Do I have to remember the keyword for later ?

And forget about the " for more info go to www.cbs.com/60minutes/" ads. You lost me after the .com.

I'm not at my PC when I watch TV, but I usually have my cell phone.

Here's what I would do if I was AOL or any of the networks.

Instead of having an AOL keyword, I would create an AOL TV/Mobile keyword.

During Survivor, AOL popup says "send text to AOLTV (26588) with keyword "survivor" for more info. Or if you're an AOLIM user, send IM to "survivor" for more info.

AOL keeps the viewer, and starts to create a mobile marketing dialogue.

I imagine all TV stations starting this at some point and how easy would it be to remember the shortcode for CBSTV, ABCTV, FOXTV, NBCTV, COMTV, etc.

Maybe there's a creative company that introduces SMSTV and let's advertisers choose their own keywords.

Like my ponderings and want more?

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