Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mobile Ads Get Boost From Motorola Technology

Does this jump start mobile marketing?

From New technology by Motorola for mobile ads

Motorola Inc. plans to release its new dynamic idle-screen technology-dubbed Screen3-to U.S. wireless users in time for this year's holiday season.

Motorola's Screen3 technology essentially pushes Internet information to a mobile phone's main screen. Thus, users can get news updates or the latest weather forecasts with just a glance at their phones, without having to open sluggish WAP browsers or other applications

Carriers can use it to promote new services and features without bombarding user with text or multimedia messages. The service also could link to video clips or applications instead of just WAP pages

Motorola is already looking for advertisers interested in sponsoring the content provided through Screen3.

I wonder how this will affect the easy-to-use SMS space.

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