Thursday, October 06, 2005

HDTV Keyword Advertising Ideas

HD Beat has a great find in the latest "My name is Earl" TV Show. Apparently only viewers with HDTV prgramming could read a sign in the show.
I wonder, could this be an incentive for cable operators to get viewers to sign up for High Definition service? Could cable operators entice advertisers to shoot episodes with this in mind?

Think of the advertising campaigns that could be created where only HDTV users could participate. Keywords could be placed within the show for short code mobile marketing campaigns.

Find the hidden keyword and send text message to NBCTV to win a trip.

Here's what High Def users saw.

Or will this just tick off non HDTV users?



Anonymous said...

Yes this would tick me off enough to go out and get me a HDTV/box.

Scott Shaffer said...

There are SO many adverising ideas that could be created with this.