Thursday, October 20, 2005

Physical World Connection For Charities

This is a great idea and should be implemented for all charities. If QR codes can't be utilized, certainly short codes (SMS) could be an effective way of charitable donations.

Mobile phone using Red Feather campaign launched

A mobile phone-using fundraising system made its debut in the annual "Red Feather" campaign which began on Oct. 1, enabling those who are hesitant to stop in front of people holding collection boxes and make contributions to easily donate money.

The organization has distributed 400,000 copies of a poster with the "QR code" printed in Japan to enable users of camera-equipped mobile phones to read them. If users read a poster and take in such a code, they can be linked to fundraising sites and make a contribution of more than 100 yen anytime, anywhere

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Anonymous said...

I agree- great idea.
FYI regarding your comment - SMS donation is very common already in Europe and was given a major showcase in the Tsunami releif appeals. And before people scream and shout that "it's just another terrible way for the mobile operators to make even more money" the operators typically waive their usual obscene share of the revenues!