Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The End Of SMS Marketing?

Tell me what upsets you most about this story.

From C/Net Will more courts frown on SMS ads?

SMS messaging has grown in popularity as a marketing tool, but a recent court ruling could mark the beginning of its end.

In the case of Joffe v. Acacia Mortgage, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled last month that cellular SMS (short message service) messages fall under the purview of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991

In early 2001, Rodney Joffe received two uninvited text message solicitations on his cell phone from Acacia Mortgage. These messages were part of a marketing campaign to advertise low-interest home mortgages. Acacia had programmed its computers to send the solicitations as e-mails to consumer e-mail addresses

Two text messages caused that much pain and suffering?

When the e-mails reached Joffe's cellular carrier's domain, they automatically were converted into a format that could be transmitted to his cell phone number. Acacia was able to utilize the SMS service provided to Joffe by his cellular carrier

I don't what upsets me more, the fact that this person wastes court time/money over something so frivolous, or the fact that Rodney Joffe is so busy and encountered SO MUCH inconvienence that he threatens the mobile marketing industry.

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