Saturday, October 01, 2005

4INFO Offers Keyword "Blue"

Jessica Alba

4INFO does it again.

To promote Jessica Alba's and her "Into the Blue" movie, they have created a mobile marketing campaign that allows mobile users to locate theaters and times of movie showings in your area.

Send a text to 44636 (4INFO) with "blue" and your zipcode to get the results.

To purchase Jessica Alba wallpaper send text to 44646 (4INFO) with keyword "blue" in subject.

There are a couple things happening here that many fail to see.

First, it is very easy to start a mobile marketing campaign with a little creativity and a keyword.

Second, a keyword is getting additional, or a different "value" as it is being used for mobile marketing campaign

In this case, it's a generic word like blue, but imagine when brands use their trademarked words. NIKE, COKE, GEICO, FOXNEWS, YANKEES.

Can you see how mobile marketing starts then?

Do you see how Google can generate additional revenues with keywords now?

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Anonymous said...

So is google going to beat neo to this keyword model or partner with them or what?