Monday, October 03, 2005

Be A Part Of SMS Marketing

CLX's PollCast uses SMS messages to conduct polls. A question and multiple answers are passed to your cell phone.

It's free and easy to sign up ( and even easier to opt-out)

PollCast uses SMS messages to conduct polls. Multiple-choice questions are sent to your cell phone. Reply to each poll, and earn CASH! (usually $.25). Whenever you want to cash in your earnings, just login to your PollCast member account and redeem.

In the future, other compensation methods including: points (hotel or car rental), miles (airlines), ring tones, song downloads, credit to your cell phone bill directly etc. will be offered.

The sponsor/client of the poll will typically be major consumer product companies, but could also be local businesses, governments, affinity groups, etc.

I can see how this will lead to effective mobile marketing campaigns once a large subscriber base is achieved. I signed up just to see how frequently and what brands are participating in this.

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