Monday, October 17, 2005

McDonald's McFlurry Mobile Marketing Push

McDonald's and mobilestr33t introduce a mobile marketing campaign using mobile coupons to get a free McFlurry.

At MobileStr33t visitors can send free ringtones and wallpaper to their handsets and request a mobile coupon for a free McFlurry.

To get a free McFlurry coupon send to your mobile phone click here

Depending on your carrier and your phone’s capabilities the coupon will either be sent out as a SMS, a WAP page or a J2ME app. The WAP and J2ME are powered by their patent-pending mCoup technology.

This mCoup patent could be quite enticing for brands and retailers. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Just a note, the McFlurry offer is good only in the greater Los Angeles area.
-The MobileStr33t Team @ Gamut Industries

Anonymous said...

Why they use SMS if the Paperclick is Ready?



Scott Shaffer said...

Go to the site and try it.

It's easy and you will see how the coupon/voucher is delivered.

Granted this is still PC to the mobile.

If I'm Mobot, I would have users take a picture of Golden Arches, Ronald McDonald or a McFlurry ad in any magazine and send to a specific site for the free coupon.

Anonymous said...

This kicks butt. It is a surprise to see McDonalds on the cutting edge.