Friday, October 07, 2005

BlogLines Makes It So Easy

In the last few weeks I've had some emails asking me what that Bloglines icon on my site does. After seeing their reaction I thought it would be a good idea to describe how this fantastic free service works.

If you are constantly watching news feeds, blogs or any updating site this is a time saver. Instead of having to go to that specific site, just include the site in your Bloglines account and it will alert you when the site has a new post.

By opening up ONE PAGE (your personalized Bloglines account) you can scan hundreds of sites to see new listings.
Here's an image of what it looks like.

It's simple, free and believe me you will thank me after you start using it. A Bloglines page is the equivalent to all your favorites on one page with notifications when new posts have occurred.

Search for any topic, person, blog etc. Then look at the search results, click the box to subscribe. It's that easy.

On their webpage look for the tool that allows you to include subscribe to any site you're on just by one click this is the link

Next time you see a site you want to watch, either look for the Bloglines icon or click it yourself.

Get yours today There's no spam, you won't be nailed with popups or annoying emails.

When you have set up your Bloglines account, click on my lil Bloglines icon on The Pondering Primate to subscribe.


Tell me how much you love it when you do.

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