Thursday, October 20, 2005

Google Medical?

It's all about recurring digital content.

Google is in talks with commercial's largest data provider for map/real estate listing service.

And then I see another industry that is under pressure to digitize its database.

From USA TODAY Tech executives push for digital medical records

Executives lobbied lawmakers and released a report saying health care quality suffers and costs are rising because the medical industry has lagged behind in electronic record keeping.

So will Google create Google Medical? With the onslaught of baby boomers hitting their prime 'medical data creating content years', wouldn't this make sense?

Every medical file gets a URL that can be accessed by a Dr or hospital from anywhere through a secure location. Google would love to sell advertising with this, and this would benefit drug companies too.

What does this do to medical term keywords (HDL, blood pressure)

Want to know what area Google tackles next? Think of any huge database(in terms of items of datasize) that grows daily and can have advertising tied to it.

Thoughts comments?

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