Friday, October 07, 2005

Is Daimler Chrysler Connecting The Physical World?

There's one sentence in this story that caught my eye.

What if there was a physical world search engine?

Can you find the sentence?

From BlueOval News DCX Connecting with PaperClick

There's a new marketing weapon on the horizon - and unlike, the internet, most Americans will have immediate access to reap the benefits. Moreover, it could save automakers millions of dollars each year.

Think of the mobile marketing opportunities.

It all starts with a camera cell phone that is web enabled. Before a meeting the DaimlerChrysler, NeoMedia's Chairman, Chas Fritz spoke with about the endless possibilities that PaperClick can bring to DCX, and the auto industry

Imagine shopping for a car at a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep dealer's lot with your cell phone. You come across a beautiful new 300c, snap a photo of a bar code with your cell phone's camera or enter the vehicle's VIN, and presto - the price, options, financing rates and rebates appear in the cell phone's window - all at the critical point of decision

Let's suppose that you've spotted a used Jeep Liberty and want to know more about it. Once again you can either take a photo of a bar code or type the vehicle's VIN into your cell phone. The purchase price, miles on the vehicle, remaining warranty and the vehicle's factory options appear. Need a CarFax report? Click a button and it will also appear.

Have a desire to compare the Liberty with a Ford Escape? No problem. Want to know the cost of an extended warranty or cross shop for the best insurance rate? A few clicks on your cell phone is all it takes.

As auto manufacturer's look for more inventive ways to move products at a lower cost than traditional print, NeoMedia's technologies is to cell phones what Google is to the internet.

Unlike the internet though, PaperClick is a personal sales assistant for both the consumer and retailer

Not only can DCX take more direct control of the pre-purchase process, they could also make profits in the lucrative post-purchase after-market. Rather than lose business to after-market companies like Pep Boys, DCX could send maintenance reminders, coupons for oil changes and other maintenance items.

Moreover, DCX could even keep track of your last service and send you a reminder - all without a computer - and at a far less cost to DCX than current methods

I'm thinking that this could be "the" mobile marketing application for the automotive idustry.

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Anonymous said...

And, hey, wouldn't that be great on synergy between Paperclick, NMPR, and Daimler Chrysler?

Indeed, it can save them money, make more money & save them time when it comes to advertising, micro paint repairs and increased customer loyalty.


Anonymous said...

The one that caught my eye was: "As auto manufacturer's look for more inventive ways to move products at a lower cost than traditional print, NeoMedia's technologies is to cell phones what Google is to the internet."



Anonymous said...

I went back and read your blog article the "Physical World Connection".

Is this what you meant by the statement "every physical object will have a --physical world hyperlink--?

If so this looks awesome!

Scott Shaffer said...

Yes, every physical world object has/will have a hyperlink.

Where Google counts x number of sites as it's index, imagine the number of physical objects there are just on your street alone.

Here's a factoid, there are over 1 billion cans of regular coke in the world.

Do you see how big this is now?

Other stories that pertain to this.

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Anonymous said...

1 billion cans of regular coke all over the world. Now, couple that with a cell phone's GPS capability and it might get even more creative.


Scott Shaffer said...

Now you know why I have said all along, the physcial world search engine will be The Next Google, No Much Much Bigger

Anonymous said...

If D-C adopts Paperclick, how long do you think it will take Ford and GM (and all others) to follow suit? Can you see 'THE' wave that could be rising out there? Who will catch it first? Who can ride it best? How soon til surf's up?

Anonymous said...

This is a little off topic but since you are on the subject of Paperclick - in view of the war chest that VISG just received from the $100 Million Dollar investment, can you envision VISG licensing Paperclick in connection with its facial or other id software for use with mobile phones - is there a possible industry there as well?

Scott Shaffer said...

I saw that story the other day and imagined that L-1 will implement Viisage's tech into HomeLand Security applications.

Looking into it closer and will report back on how another machine readable identifier could get connected to the Internet.

Great catch!

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit confused about this DCX post about Paperclick. First, why was the first date on it for 2006? (I think it's been corrected on the website, but in one of the investorshub posts the link still shows up 2006.) Second, why are the pictures of the camera cell phones showing a FORD picture? Is there something I don't get? Third, when I went to the DCX site I couldn't find the article (although I didn't spend a terribly long time looking.) Last, and maybe this is just b/c I teach English, but the author could have used a copy editor in a couple of places (or learn to work with possessives.)
I'm not trying to bash or discredit. I'm substantially invested in NEOM. It's just that I was unable to verify this article for myself. Could someone show me or explain to me why I shouldn't be suspicious?

Anonymous said...

DCX: Connecting with PaperClick. Will DCX beat Ford with a new marketing technology?


Anonymous said...

To the poster at "3:08 PM, October 07, 2005,"; earlier I contacted the article's author via the hyperlink on the page; the "2006" was a typo; and they have since corrected it. Also, when you click on the author's name, you can see on the hyperlinked page ( that Mr. Lane is the publisher for not only (where the article is located) but also for He writes for both of these sites; on the site, the images show "Ford" and he also includes quotes from the Ford president that shows his vision into the future regarding his company and the benefits Paperclick offers. (The second image caption is : You can shop Ford's parts and services and even receive coupons and service reiminders via your cell phone.)

Hope that answers that person's questions.

Lisa said...

Looking into it closer and will report back on how another machine readable identifier could get connected to the Internet