Thursday, October 20, 2005

Physical World Connection, The Next Big Thing In Tech?

Will scanning a barcode with your mobile phone be the next big thing in tech?

next big thing
From Reuters Venture capitalists seek next big thing in tech

Luxemburg-based Internet telephony firm Skype has shown that Europeans can build a $4 billion company in just over two years, but venture capitalists are wondering if it was a fluke or the start of a trend.

Talent scouts gathered at the high-profile ETRE technology conference in Athens expressed optimism that European technology firms could be on the up again.

At ETRE many young companies touted innovations ranging from SMS advertising methods to identity-theft protection software to investors.

This caught my eye.

Scanbuy from Spain offers software that allows camera phones to function as bar-code scanners

Hey Microsoft, here's how you own the next big thing in tech and one-up Google.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be NEOM and Paperclick, not SCAMBUY??

Anonymous said...

Scott, Scanbuy's done. They've lost their lawsuits against Neomedia, and Neomedia's lawsiuts against them are still pending and looking very strong. Here's a link:

Scott Shaffer said...

The main point I was trying to relay in the blog post, is that some of the top VC guys in the world, at a high profile VC conference, are forecasting that SMS advertising and scanning a barcode could be the next big things in tech.

Don't shoot the blogger

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Scott. I get a little worked up when I see Scanbuy in print. I do see your point.

Anonymous said...

Scott, u could have mentioned Neomedia too.. why Scanbuy. any special reason

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