Monday, October 03, 2005

Sell Your News Photos Through SpyMedia

SpyMedia introduces world's first automated news commerce website.

Send your pics to (after registering at and list your selling price.

SpyMedia will launch their uploaded material search engine on November 1st.

Spy Media announced today the launch of, the first news photo marketplace for everyone to buy and sell news photos. Starting today, the site is available for uploading uncensored news photos. Uploading will be free for the month of October.

Uploaders must be the original author, provide written expression, structured
profile information and adhere to strict journalistic guidelines to post their

Uploaders set their own price and agree to sell their material on
pre-established terms that allows them to choose how the photo will be used.

After an image is sold, Spy Media gives 65% of the selling price to the seller

Categories include: Entertainment, News, Sports, Natural Disasters and Historical.

Spy Media does not censor the images shown on its site. Once uploaded, all images will be available for sale. If they find images that were taken illegally or that don’t have any news relevancy, they will remove them and possibly the user at the same time.

I asked SpyMedia when video uploading would be available, early 2006.

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