Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Consumer Mobile Broadcasting..Think Of The Possibilities

I'm thinking about the Google registry and Google WiFi and what could happen with this.

From CircuitTree Consumer mobile broadcasting service launched

ComVu, a developer of innovative software and automated video delivery technologies, launched its consumer mobile broadcasting service. ComVu is first to offer mobile users the ability to transmit live video broadcasts of any length and to any size audience easily and inexpensively -- a do-it-yourself video network.

A video camera gets an IP address/Web access (camera phones already have one) and they link to Web through Google Wi-FI. Instant broadcasting. Of course Google will gladly provide advertising on your feed.

The company is in the forefront of converging developments in wireless and entertainment. The ability for anyone with a camera phone to broadcast events as they happen, direct to viewers, will impact people around the world.

It's only a matter of time before all newspapers and broadcasters will seamlessly tap into the “on the spot” video feeds streamed live from camera phone users.

This is another way the camera phone is connecting the physical world.

See how it's all coming together ?

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