Monday, October 03, 2005

Text Messaging (SMS) Gets Results

Mobile marketing is using SMS (text messaging) as the primary means for right now because EVERY phone is able to accomodate it.

Internet access and camera phones are not required for this marketing

From Pressbox Businesses embracing SMS marketing and reaping rewards

In s study done by, some 36% of small and medium businesses say they intend using SMS to reach their customers in the next 12 months.

And of those that are already using SMS, a staggering 72% report an increase in turnover of 10% or more which they attribute to the use of SMS in their marketing mix.

TextAlert's Tim Hatton said "Compared to other forms of direct marketing, text messaging is cheap, very effective, and enjoys the highest recall rate of any advertising channel,”.

79% of businesses already using SMS said that it was ‘more effective’ than other marketing channels or loyalty tools.

The key to ANY mobile marketing, especially SMS, will be getting the consumer's permission to advertise on their cell phone screen. That is where creative mobile marketing comes in.

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