Monday, October 31, 2005

What SMS Marketing Needs

A successful SMS mobile marketing campaign will include a reason/incentive to send a text BUT ALSO a reason to KEEP texting. A free ringtone, screensaver, cruise may be enticing to START a campaign, but what will brands offer to KEEP the contact with the consumer.

From Brand Republic Advertisers turn to SMS

The majority of small- and medium-sized companies using text messaging as a marketing tool increased their turnover by 10% or more, according to UK and US research.

Tim Hatton, Textalert spokesman, said: "Businesses are finding that SMS can give them a significant competitive advantage for very little outlay. Compared to other forms of direct marketing, text messaging is cheap, very effective and enjoys the highest recall rate of any advertising channel."


Matt Massey said...

Well there are companies like KIBI out of Israel that will keep you coming back with their interactive cards that allow you to download new ringtones and other mobile content weekly. It's a business model I can see getting real big, real fast when it hits in North America.

However, I believe that we jump all over these marketing bandwagons like say SMS and BlogMarketing as the next big marketing vehicles.

Look at web-based marketing...we've already learned to ignore 99% of the marketing we see online

SMS is really just a tactical execution of a Direct Marketing Strategy (I'm oversimplifying of course). Really what SMS enables is the ability for marketers to develop one-on-one personal relationships with their customers or prospective customers.

Scott Shaffer said...

Advertisers want you to initiate the interaction via SMS. That gives them permission to market to you.

AS an advertiser, you can't annoy your user with a coupon or service offering too frequently.

When you combine a recurring info service WITH your brand, then the user wont get annoyed.

In my opinion, cross-marketing is how most brands will be able to market to mobile user without getting OPT-OUTS.

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