Monday, October 17, 2005

qtags And RipCurl Surf The Physical World

qtags today announced that global surfing company Rip Curl is showcasing its new “My Search” brand campaign for 2006 on a digital video billboard in New York City’s Time Square and the campaign features a qtags-powered promotion.

The giant 38 x 32 foot video screen features the call to action “Rip Curl, Follow Your Search,” with instructions to text “ripcurl” to the qtags short code: 78247. The participant is given access to a secret Rip Curl website video vault video where he or she can view an exciting teaser to Rip Curl’s upcoming film about #3 world-rated surfer Mick Fanning.

I'm happy to have qtags as a sponsor on the Primate. What I like about their service is the electronic "post-it" idea. See a great article or product, just send a text to QTAGS (78247) with the associated keyword and receive info on your mobile AND your PC

I have a couple mobile marketing ideas for qtags, stuff that will give the 4INFOs and other text messagers to think about.

Stay tuned for a new ad and plenty of great mobile marketing campaigns from these guys.

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JPetroInc said...

Very cool dude. You hit home with that one. Rock On, JP