Friday, October 21, 2005

Get MLS With SMS

This is a such a great idea for consumers and realtors. How many times have you seen a For Sale sign and wanted more information but didn't call the realtors number.

From RISMedia House4Cell launches text messaging solution

House4Cell ™ is an innovative service that delivers real estate property information to prospective home buyers’ cell phones instantly via text messages. Now, House4Cell is even simpler for agents to manage, seamlessly integrating with MLS and eliminating data entry.

Real estate agents hang House4Cell riders from the signs of their listings, informing homebuyers of the availability of instant information. Prospective home buyers see these signs and simply text message a short, custom code to a special House4Cell phone number.

Within seconds, all of the essential property information—including price, square footage and amenities—are immediately sent back to the buyer's phone. The agent then immediately receives the lead's phone number for follow-up.

It's a win, win win application and a great advertising tool for realtors, home improvement, local schools and even the small contractor (lawn service, pool maintenance etc)


Anonymous said...

This is so cool! Our office would love to have something like this. I looked at the cost on their site...pretty reasonable.

Scott Shaffer said...

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Scott Shaffer said...

Explain how this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Scott Shaffer said...

I dont see this being a problem.

You send a text for MLS info and unless they spam the heck out of you, I don't see people complaining.

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