Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Can eBay And Skype Connect The Physical World?

This is a great angle on the eBay Skype acquisition.

From Snipe vs Skype

"It's not too outrageous to envisage a near-future where a consumer walks into a local store with a Skype-enabled mobile, keys in the barcode for a fancied product (or painlessly captures the RFID code), finds a match amongst eBay sellers, haggles via Skype-phone for a better price, reaches agreement, pays instantly via PayPal and walks out the door again. He's bought the product, alright, but not from that unfortunate retailer - and it'll be delivered before he gets home"

Take a worldwide service provider (Skype) and a barcode reading phone and the world becomes one big eBay site. Interesting.

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