Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cost By Radius Mobile Marketing

I highlighted this company a few days ago with their *TAXI and *TOW mobile service and said to keep an eye on them.

They have just added a patent pending proximity based advertising model to its location based service offerings.

Ringo's new advertising model, a form of Location Based Advertising, is designed to maximize the effectiveness of advertising budgets by marketing directly to individual consumers located within a specific proximity of a business.

According to Edward DeFeudis, President and CEO of Ringo, Inc. "Ringo's Patent Pending Advertising Model has been compared to a 'street-level' Google. Ringo has coined the new term 'Cost by Radius' or 'CBR' advertising, which makes great use of even the smallest advertising budget."

Ringo's technology will issue coupons and advertisements, in either printed or electronic format, to consumers in taxicabs that are located within as little as 10 feet of an advertiser's place of business.

Does this only work in cabs? Does the ad get delivered to the cab or your phone?

I have emailed and called this company for more info and still have yet to get a response.


Anonymous said...

Cool idea.
If I had to guess I would say the terminal with the LBS and coupon printing is all cab-based. Much easier to control. The terminal COULD send a mobile coupon to the customer's phone to close the mobile loop (call a cab with SMS, leave with a mobile coupon). Interesting times.

Jake said...

Right on!