Saturday, October 22, 2005

Coca Cola And Neven Vision Connect Physical World

Coca Cola creates new mobile marketing idea The story is in German, to read in english Click here

At first sight the new marketing idea seems complicated: On an announcement in ' Yam ' Coca Cola requests the readers to then send the Logo of Coke Fridge by Foto-mobile phone to knipsen and the picture by SMS to a service number.

In response the participants receive a play for mobile phone and a program, with which they can avail themselves from a virtual refrigerator.

Image recognition player Neven Vision, a physical world connection company, is producing the mobile marketing campaign.

Gut gemacht DonBalon!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Vangorilla,

I think there's a misspoke in the german source. How can you send a "picture by SMS to a service number"? Could be that the author meant "MMS" in case of "SMS".

Thank you for this great Blog!